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Greetings, from New Aim Fitness!


What is New Aim Fitness?

A non-traditional method of working out with a goal of cardio, weight lifting, body weight exercises and high & low interval training to help individuals to meet their fitness goals and present a challenge that is not offered at the “regular” gyms.   Small group training, individual goals, encouragement and motivation  in an inviting environment that are ideal for beginners, moderate of advanced fitness seekers.

What are we about?

Our goals at New Aim Fitness are to cater to and mold well rounded, healthy and fit athletes with balance, healthy & manageable goals with realistic timelines.  We are for people who are new to fitness, those of you who are just returning, or those of you who have been hitting the gym for a bit but need to mix things up.  There is no age too old or young for this program and classes we have to offer.   New Aim Fitness is a safe place to make your fitness commitment, try new exercises, meet encouraging people, get started, find friendships and most of all, meet your health and fitness goals.